Studio Boam

Experimental creative studio specializing in the drinks, wines and spirits sector.

A journey between myth and tradition

Amrut, is a whiskey of Indian origin, but with a bottle originating from the more European-inspired codes of the existing spirits in the range.

With this limited series, Studio Boam is reconciling codes drawn from both the culture and the imagination of the Asian continent.

The Studio’s approach was to work on a simple label, in keeping with the geometry of the decanter but to make it rich in cultural and graphic evocations.

We conceived of a label subdivided into several sections with many small decorative and narrative elements that subtly evoke myth-filled dreamlike decors.

Around a central window occupied by an Indian cobra, four “scenes” are revealed with the common element being illustrations of animals and their associated deities. They interact with each other to form a composition teeming with detail, both light in its treatment and stylish in the design of its patterns.

Just a touch of silver hot stamping underlines and intensifies the duotone blue and red colors of the whole. A subtle frame that picks up on traditional Indian motifs, on the paper and in color, immersing us further within the world and the culture of India while retaining a certain restraint in its expression.

The visual and coherent artistic intention continues with the stopper of the decanter which, in perfect harmony with the whole, provides a final, emphatic restatement of the project signature, making this new reference a naturally high-end product.

Curator’s Insight

Incorporating the Indian cobra as a central element in the design is a brilliant way to infuse the packaging with cultural depth, symbolism, and mystique. It not only pays homage to the rich heritage of India but also adds a layer of intrigue to the overall whiskey experience.