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Derrick Lin


Let’s embark on an exciting journey into the captivating world of Packaging of the World’s latest release, Issue #115, where we reveal our top 10 posts of the month. These selections truly showcase the perfect harmony of creativity and engagement that sets them apart.

These designs are eye-catching and they have often sparked excitement and inspiration as we shared them across various platforms such as InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest. They have served as huge inspirations, drawing talented artists and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

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The objective was to encourage coffee and fruit smoothie entrepreneurs to switch from their usual syrups to the “Freshy Syrup” brand. Research revealed that most fruit syrup brands typically allocate about one-third of the label space to fruit imagery. Taking into account consumer insights, a solution was offered with real fruit ingredients and a packaging design reminiscent of fresh fruit market displays. This distinctive packaging resulted in a significant increase in “Freshy Syrup” sales, enhancing the visual appeal of the entrepreneurs’ shops and marking a noteworthy accomplishment for Prompt Design.

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The design’s success lies in its nature-inspired aesthetics, with butterfly and flower motifs creating a brand identity that seamlessly merges with a natural, gentle culture. The use of green as the identifying color adds a fresh, pure touch. Subtle and elegant, this design avoids overwhelming consumers with excessive information, letting the product speak for itself.

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London-based brand design agency, Lewis Moberly, collaborates with the international Make a Mark initiative to create Sour Glass, a revolutionary beer concept from Fitzwood Brewery. This project, led by global industry leaders, Leonhard KURZ, ESTAL, and Avery Dennison, explores 360-degree packaging innovation. Lewis Moberly redefines the beer experience, aiming to elevate the craft, flavor, and ritual of beer consumption. The design is inspired by an hourglass, with a unique bottle structure, oak frame, and recycled glass. The initiative encourages savoring beer and was unveiled at Luxepack in Monaco, celebrated with fellow design agencies.

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Cachaça, Brazil’s most consumed distilled beverage for 500 years, has often featured labels portraying women in submissive roles. Magnolia Cachaça challenges this norm by embracing a feminine name and graphic identity that celebrates the strength and empowerment of black Brazilian women, moving away from objectifying portrayals.

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Cortese Caffè by K2DESIGN

Cortese Caffè approached k2design to establish a fresh brand identity, drawing inspiration from the tale of a young Italian medical student who crafted the Cortese blend through innovation and passion. k2design’s approach centered on a “back to the origins” concept, emphasizing the quality of Cortese’s selected coffee seeds. They harnessed this idea to create an authentic, eco-friendly, and bold brand identity, using jungle-inspired primitive figures to reflect the values of returning to nature and the coffee’s origin. Cortese Caffè now embodies a pure and sustainable character, much like its historical inspiration.

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Van Heertum Design VHD partnered with the international Make a Mark initiative to craft the brand and bottle design for luxury brand Enigma. This exclusive project, backed by industry leaders like Leonhard KURZ, ESTAL, and Avery Dennison, focuses on pushing the boundaries of packaging innovation, sustainability, and luxury. VHD aimed to challenge the norm, leveraging complete creative freedom. They explored a blend of heavy contrasts, contrasting shapes, and the interplay of materials to create the mysterious and captivating Enigma bottle. With a unicorn motif, a pyramid-shaped iceberg, and a wooden base, they defied computer limitations and ventured into handcrafted design, creating a visually stunning and tactile product. The label featured Velvet Indigo from Avery Dennison and utilized six hot foils from KURZ, highlighting the project’s dedication to pushing the boundaries symbolized by the name “Enigma.”

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Gallus Whisky by Denomination

Barossa Distilling, led by Neil Bullock, is launching Gallus whisky with striking packaging designed by Denomination. Inspired by the flavors of Speyside whisky and Bullock’s time in Glasgow, the design combines Glasgow’s influence with Barossa’s ingenuity. The whisky, named “Gallus,” symbolizing boldness, features a bottle with a continuous silicone band for branding, a hand-carved wooden stopper, and minimalist labeling, breaking industry norms. With only 1,000 bottles in the initial release, Gallus offers a unique whisky experience, emphasizing authenticity and craftsmanship.

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Bubbles Collection by BRAVA

The Bubbles Collection by Estal introduces “Sustainable Glamour,” a visionary concept redefining eco-fragrances. This collection beautifully combines environmental responsibility with luxury, drawing inspiration from nature’s patterns and textures. The label design incorporates intricate natural elements into the bottle’s sleek aesthetics, creating a tactile and visually captivating experience, making it an embodiment of “Sustainable Glamour.”

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The “MASALA – Spices and Herbs” packaging employs a bold pictorial approach designed to capture attention both in physical and digital retail spaces. It effectively conveys the vibrant flavors and oriental origins of the spices. The use of tigers in the design symbolizes strength and vitality, complementing the product’s nature. The vibrant colors add a playful and lively element to the packaging.

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The Make a Mark initiative, led by ESTAL, Avery Dennison, and LEONHARD KURZ, invites 20 top global design agencies to create packaging projects with complete creative freedom, focusing on sustainability, luxury, and innovation. EDIT (036) embraces industrial and artisanal processes to offer a sustainable packaging solution, allowing users to choose from over 40,000 unique bottle combinations from 36 possible variations. Each design comes with a label featuring perfume information and a customizable box.

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