Derrick Lin


Design: Gershoni Creative
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Highland Provisions
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Cannabis
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin, Metal, & Foil

Highland Provisions cultivates and distributes cannabis products in the great state of Oregon. Their team (budtenders, chemists and horticulturalists) was steeped in the science behind the production of fine cannabis products, but they lacked a name and a way to tell their story.

Looking outside category conventions, Gershoni developed a brand system that combined the founders’ love of nature with the science that informs their work. At a time when cannabis brands were going ultra-glossy or vintage hipster, we brought the rustic allure of the Deschutes Forest and Cascade Mountains to the front and designed packaging with portability in mind: reusable tins that store fly-fishing lures as well as they do gummies or prerolls. We rooted it all in a digital presence that gives Highland an outpost for future extensions of the brand—a home to return after a day in the lab, on the trail or wherever their spirit leads them.

What’s Unique?
Guided by Highland’s love of the outdoors, we searched high and low for a cannabis packaging company that could walk the walk in terms of durability and sustainability, while at the same time meeting Oregon state packaging regulations. The answer was Compliant Packaging and its LocTins, a line of reusable, childproof, airtight and smell-proof packaging that meets cannabis guidelines, reduces plastic consumption in dispensaries and looks good, to boot.