Grace’s Kitchen

Derrick Lin


Designed by Lemley Design.

Grace’s Kitchen sought out Lemley Design, to revitalize the brand of a fledgling product line: create new positioning in the marketplace, demonstrate the gourmet quality of its offerings and repackage the line to allow the company’s offerings to shine. Challenge Outlined by Lemley Design’s Research: It was obvious to Lemley Design that Grace’s Kitchen had a great concept but the company had not capitalized on it. Repositioning the brand as an innovative line of gourmet quality meals that were both epicurean, yet approachable in the grocer’s frozen food case was the first order of business.

Lemley Design recommended Grace’s Kitchen pare down its product offerings to focus on a group of core meals that would be branded and positioned as “week-night gourmet entrees befitting weekend dates for two”. The top quality, chef-made meals were then repackaged with beautifully styled lifestyle photography to show the gourmet quality of the entrees. The new packaging photography would be at home in Bon Appetit or Gourmet magazine. Lemley Design’s efficiencies also cut packaging costs by 70%.

When Grace’s Kitchen debuted its revitalized brand and packaging at The Fancy Food Show, the company received more orders in that week than they had ever had in their history. In a twelve month period, distribution increased from 30 stores to over 1000 and prior to their sale and restructuring in 2008, the specialty food manufacturer was producing over 60,000 meals per month for grocers nationwide.