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Derrick Lin


Designed by Joona Louhi & Antti Ojala. Both are currently studying packaging and brand design at Lahti Institute of Design, Finland.


Fragile wine glasses are challenging to pack effectively without massive usage of material. Our goal was to provide a sustainable packaging solution for the matter. The target group we had in mind was young adults who are likely to move around for example due to studying before settling down. Wine glasses are commonly packed in a way that doesn’t provide enough protection during the transportation. Especially mid-priced wine glasses are often inadequately protected from a logistical point-of-view. This equals escalated reclamation numbers or larger expenses with the secondary packagings. Another thing to be noted is that when glasses have reached their destination the packaging is usually thrown away as useless and bulky.


The life cycle of the packaging is extended by offering an alternative function after the product has reached its destination. Through the experience of transformation the packaging becomes a wine rack for three bottles. The rack is rigid and the form allows several modular possibilities. No pieces needs to be ripped off or stored separately and just as easily it can be converted back to its primary form incase the wine glasses need to be protected again for example when moving.

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