Derrick Lin


Designed by Blue Marlin, United Kingdom.

P Z Cussons’ longstanding design partner Blue Marlin has created standout packaging for Carex Protect Plus, an innovative hand wash product that protects against germs for up to two hours after use. The new range has just gone on sale in the UK.

The integrated design and branding agency crafted a look that differentiates Protect Plus from the rest of the market-leading Carex range. Blue Marlin overhauled the main Carex packaging structure and graphics last autumn, with a distinctive, contemporary design that better highlights the brand’s core benefits.

Carex Protect Plus sells at a premium to the core range and its design needed to emphasise its superior hygiene efficacy to attract new consumers.

Blue Marlin used a hot pink and silver colour palette to deliver immediate stand out while still appearing gentle and caring. Metallic silver label substrate creates range differentiation and premium shelf impact. A variant swoosh with clock icon communicates the unique product benefit of two hour germ protection, which is further backed up with a graphic device above the Carex brand identity that clearly communicates the two hour benefit.

The overall effect is striking, upmarket and true to the brand values at the heart of the UK’s favourite hand wash. Blue Marlin has worked with Carex-owner P Z Cussons for over 13 years.