Designed by Casa Rex, Brazil and United Kingdom.


Casa Rex, the multi-awarded international design consultancy with offices in Sao Paulo and London, has developed its first project for Unilever in Russia with the creation of new packaging designs for the personal care brand Timotei. The project comprises the redesign of the shower gel, hair care and soap bar ranges.

In order to give a more contemporary look to the packaging and to reinforce the naturalness of the products, the design consultancy has used soft fluid and feminine imagery from the category’s visual universe, building a strong visual identity that unfolds the different Timotei product ranges.

The new design structure is in the form of a curve and depicts the main ingredients of each variant, integrating them with their functional attributes: “We’ve worked not only on the images of the ingredients, which are now more fresh and natural, but also on their re-introduction into the design on the packaging. If we want to attract the attention of consumers to the composition of Timotei’s products, the ingredients should be highlighted as much as possible.”, says Gustavo Piqueira who is head of Casa Rex and the creative director of the project, together with Danilo Helvadjian.

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