Derrick Lin


Designed by NewDealDesign, United States.

Sifteo Cubes are the alternative game system with truly hands-on play. The domino-esque blocks are essentially bite-sized computers with full-color displays that sense motion and each other. Pile them, group them, or sort them – the types of interactive gameplay is unlimited – fully engaged your brain and body.

With the innovative new product in mind we created packaging that is a playful and communicative showcase for the young company’s first-ever product. We developed a distinctive design language around iconic dance step patterns. This pattern mirrors the interaction of the Cubes and provides an element of storytelling. A shimmering arrangement of stylized Cubes is printed on the packaging with a spot-UV finish; showing the cubes in motion with dashed arrows illustrating their next move.

Graphics are purposefully layered throughout the Starter Kit packaging to provide cues to the user of the contents within. A large clear window in the sleeve reveals the Cubes. As you slide off the sleeve you are presented with a Wi-Fi dongle and a quick-start card. Removing the quick-start card reveals the Cubes dock. Behind interfolded paper additional items are stored – cables and charger. Fun and lively color pops reinforce the playful branding of Sifteo and serve as a visual contrast for the individual Cubes displayed. This process of discovery is geared to simplify the introduction of the first-of-its-kind fun device.

The unique design language works as family of packaging products, creating an all-inclusive solution that uses visual cues to instruct and entice. The system is sold as a large start-kit as described above and as a smaller booster package that only contains a single Cube.

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