Crest – Cardboard Wine Bottle (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Miiro Seppänen, Finland.

Alternative packaging for traditional wine bottle.

Crest wine packaging concept seizes the moment to change the way wine packaging is experienced. A combination of traditions and a modern form language of wine, Crest reaches for the highest peak of the wine markets.

Concept won Gold and sponsor price in IOM – Starpack design contest 2012

Judges’ comments:
“A simple yet beautiful solution to the brief, works well on the shelf and still maintains a high level of product quality. Well done, a great entry throughout.”

Sponsor’s comments:
“The ‘crest’ design meets all of the brief criteria. It has genuine shelf appeal and presents ‘mal’ manufacturing capability in terms of process-ability from a logistics perspective. This is very strong with the design/marketing potential to compliment each other.”

Crest wine packaging concept attains its form from the traditional shape of a wine bottle combined with basic geometric shapes. The goal was to retain the shape of the traditional bottle in its simplicity, while creating a fresh modern outfit.

Due to Crest being designed for premium wines, the packaging does not have to be a regular size. The shape of the packaging stands tall with less volume, while still holding its premium quality.

Crest is composed of a liquid carton body with a PET plastic display neck. The liquid carton’s large surface allows for a wider range of printing techniques, such as different coatings, embossings, and color combinations, to be applied fully to the packaging. The PET plastic display makes it possible for the product to be viewed before opened. The use of a regular cork instead of a threaded cap, is not only for aesthetics but also, because cork is mass harvested but used less each day.