Protein Shake Concept



Designed by Mathew Pemberton of Matblack, United Kingdom.

The majority of protein shakes and additional products have a similar look that appeals to a certain audience – the dedicated gym goer in small vests and over-sized jogging bottoms.

Matblack looked into changing the labelling of protein shake tubs to appeal to a wider audience, bringing regular gym goers into the fold of added nutritional benefits.

Firstly a brand was created saying what it does upfront, ‘Muscle Builder’, which went together with clear typography and stylised illustration to help take the mystery out of the product.

Next, stripping things back and concentrating on the important information of what the protein shake can do, with a focus on colour to depict flavour, started to make the tubs a lot more appealing and distinctive to the competition.

If any of the current Protein-based nutritional companies would like to take this brand on, Matblack would be happy for them to get in touch.