Carlsberg Bespoke Cut-Out Tab

Derrick Lin


Rexam Develops Bespoke Cut-Out Tab For Carlsberg Beer Range

Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, has been selected by Carlsberg to design a cut-out tab using the Hop leaf, key element of the original Carlsberg logo designed by Danish artist Thorvald Bindesbøll in 1904. The new cut out tab will be first implemented in Norway across Carlsberg’s beer can range with a view to rolling it out to other markets.

The silhouette of the distinctive green Hop Leaf will help reinforce Carlsberg’s dedication to better quality and add value by boosting consumer perception in the 20-45 year old target audience. The Hop Leaf cut-out tab will be used in conjunction with the standard Carlsberg can design.

Speaking about the partnership, Giorgio Grimaldi, Senior Innovation Manager for Carlsberg says, “The Hop Leaf is a symbol of the quality and purity of the ingredients that go into making the best beer in the world and Rexam offered us an innovative and unique way to incorporate it into our can designs, providing us with a bespoke product with great stand out on shelf.”

Produced out of Rexam’s Recklinghausen and Mont plants, the cut-outs tabs will be available on all 33cl and 50cl cans.