Be Home Butter Knife and Dish (Student Project)



Agency: Kendall Konenkamp
Project Type: Student Project
School: Pratt Insitute
Course: Package Design I
Tutor: Matthew Strong
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Packaging Materials: Wood, String, Paper

We were tasked with designing an eco-friendly package for a knife of our choice that will last the entire lifespan of the knife with an already existing brand. Growing up in the south with heavily buttered foods, I created a sustainable package for a butter knife, specifically a Be Home butter knife. Be Home is a home and furnishing wholesale company that practices making handmade, ecologically friendly, and responsibly-produced products. The package is wrapped in a string to allude to the wood’s origins, being recycled from the lumber industry.

The tag reads: “Be Home’s Butter Knife and Dish are made from excess materials left behind from the logging industry so no new trees are cut down. Lovingly made in San Francisco.”

What’s Unique?
The package, made of all wood, simultaneously acts as a butter dish that mimics the shape of the knife with an insert for the knife for storage.