Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss #118

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Derrick Lin


The latest issue of Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss (#118) has arrived, bursting with the most captivating packaging designs the web has to offer.

This month’s top 10 selections transcend mere aesthetics. They’re a harmonious fusion of stunning visuals and ingenious engagement, capturing imaginations across various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. It’s no surprise – these packages are pure design gold, igniting inspiration for creators and packaging aficionados worldwide.

Calling all design veterans and aspiring talents alike! Join the vibrant community and share your own packaging masterpieces. Simply signing in or creating an account, and let’s collectively fuel the creative fire!


The Face Shop X The Simpsons Sunscreen Range designed by BXL Creative

You walk into The Face Shop and see a shelf lined with sunscreens, each one a playful ode to The Simpsons. Forget plain bottles – these have Homer’s iconic head emblazoned on them, a design by the brilliant BXL Creative.

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Sahar Sun designed by Backbone Branding

Backbone Branding developed a series of illustrations depicting the heartwarming story of a farmer and his cow, showcasing various scenes of their happy farm life. These illustrations, displayed on the packaging, brought a smile to consumers and effectively conveyed the brand’s values.

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CAFEOPIA (Confectionary) designed by Backbone Branding

The ice cream packaging took things a step further. We utilized colors and patterns that mirrored the unique flavors and tastes of each ice cream, creating a sensory experience that extended beyond just taste.

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Smoochy designed by Buzz & Co.

Smoochy, a brand born in Egypt, aimed to transform the traditional mochi experience with a touch of love in every bite. Their vision? To go beyond the ordinary and create packaging that sings, tells a story, and captures hearts.

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Wagging Tofu Cat Litter designed by TZOUDA

Understanding the practicality of storage and shelf display, TZOUDA ensured the pattern seamlessly flows from the front to the sides of the package. This visual continuity not only maintains the design’s integrity when stacked but also presents a dynamic and engaging visual experience from different viewpoints.

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SOSO Factory Hen designed by Idea Design

The brand’s existing product sparked a playful question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” This humorous query became the cornerstone of our design, merging the iconic egg shape with a traditional oiler, resulting in a charming hen form.

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Amstrel – Shampoo For Pets designed by Akim Melnik Design Studio

Say goodbye to generic stock photos! Akim Melnik Design Studio embraced cutting-edge AI technology to generate stunning images of dogs and cats, adorning the labels in stylish robes. This unique touch adds a touch of personality and whimsy to the brand.

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Astēr Gin by Flov Branding Studio

The design philosophy draws inspiration from the ethereal beauty of the cosmos. The choice of colors, textures, and materials reflects the vastness and mystery of the night sky. Deep, tranquil blues and silvers create a sense of awe, while the sleek, minimalist lines echo the infinite expanse of space.

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Fort Evans by BOLIMOND

From Farm to Flask: The journey begins on the head distiller’s farm, where 70% of the corn used in the mash bill is meticulously cultivated. This commitment to local, sustainable ingredients sets the stage for a truly handcrafted whiskey.

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Wellie boot-inspired campaign for Laphroaig Scotch Whisky by Butterfly Cannon

The durable boot-shaped pack, complete with a side strap, wasn’t just designed to hold a bottle; it was meant to be reused, becoming a handy outdoor container for camping gear, art supplies, or even another bottle of Laphroaig! It was a way to carry a piece of Islay wherever you go.

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