Derrick Lin


Agency: Yurika Creative
Principal & Creative Director: Yuri Shvets
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: SATYA, Cold Press Juice
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Packaging Contents: Cold Press Juicer that passionately combines Eastern & Western methods
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle
Printing Process: Screen printing and post-applied labelling system

A quirky and soulful cold press juicer from Philadelphia, came to Yurika Creative to brand their line of healthy beverages. “Satya” is the Sanskrit word for truth. As great and meaningful name as it were, the word “Satya” sounded too esoteric to the contemporary American consumer. Hence, there was a need for a hard-working logo that could convey Satya’s essence in its purest form. I’ve designed a strong symbol that is based on two juice drops coming together to form a letter “S”. This bold iconic shorthand instantly communicates the energy and life-transforming qualities of Satya brand. It also suggests a life lived in perfect balance.

In addition to the brand identity, I’ve developed an elegant and distinctive packaging system. Its design is both modern and traditional, as well as western and eastern, thus suggesting that Satya Juice is superior because it combines the best qualities and production methods coming from both worlds.

What’s Unique?
What makes this packaging special is its timeless universal appeal. Even though it’s a definitively western product that had to appeal to contemporary American hipsters, it also has strong Eastern roots. Hence, it needed to also emotionally connect with people, appreciating authentic Indian traditions. By combining the ancient eastern philosophy and a highly effective modern western technologies Satya commandeers people’s transformation into a better and healthier versions of themselves. Special production techniques included hand-written signatures and a post-applied custom labeling system. These extra details help SATYA reinforce its premium look and the utmost care that goes into craftsmanship of each beverage.