Vylyan Bogyólé Wine

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Derrick Lin


Design: Bianka Földi
Project Type: Student Project
School: Visart
Course: Packaging Design
Tutor: Judit Tóth
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

Bogyólé is the unique “Beaujolais Nouveau” of the slopes of Villány in Hungary. Unlike other red wines, it is made in an extraordinary way: the fermentation takes place inside the uncrushed grapes, so the wine is born inside the berries. This method is reflected in the name Bogyólé which means “juice of the berry”. The resulting wine has a special, delightful character with fresh, fruity aromas and its flavor reminds of tutti frutti, punch and banana.

The packaging reflects the youthfullness and freshness of the wine and represents its uniqueness. The graphics of the label show the parts of the berry, the method of the production and the types of grapes in the wine. Through these infographical illustrations the curious customers can get to know the wine better, while enjoying its unique taste. However, there is a twist in the packaging: the wine label consists of two pieces, and the upper one is covering the majority of the label below. In this way only one illustration can be seen at once. If rotating the upper label, the other graphics are also revealed. It makes the packaging playful and interesting in an elegant way.

The joyfullness and freshness are also reflected in the colors and typography.

What’s Unique?
The label lets the costumers explore interesting facts about Bogyólé by rotating the upper label around.