Clouds of North

Derrick Lin


Designers: Lisa Strömros, Jenny Almén, Linnéa Samuelsson
Project Type: Student Project
School: Nackademin
Course: Packaging design and construction
Tutor: Jan Wigen
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Packaging Contents: De-alcoholised wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton board 340g
Printing Process: Digital printing

Market segment: Luxury drinks, Alcohol free

Target group: People who prefer alcohol free alternatives to champagne, looking for a more luxurious alternative than the (less expensive) ones already on the market.

Clouds of North is the best give-away. Perfect to bring to a birthday celebration, new years eve, a wedding or a baby shower. It is an exclusive, high quality, sparkling, de-alcoholised wine with taste of cloudberries.

We want Clouds of North to become an equally distinct product as champagne worldwide, and establish a brand whose packaging has a true second hand value. Our idea is to create a packaging design with an interactive function that gives our consumers an unboxing experience they can repeat. One of the main strengths and possibilities with this concept is a unique idea with an exclusive alcohol free wine. The challenge with this concept was to find a hole in today’s market, and find a way to become more popular than today’s established brands. It is to be sold at Systembolaget i Sweden, and/or smaller exclusive shops with expensive products.
Never at supermarkets such as Lidl or ICA.

We created our design alongside our key values we chose in the beginning of the process; environment, health and Nordic nature and culture. Our box has artwork both on the outside as well as on the inside. The outside has a mountain pattern with aquarelle colors as background (blue, white, gray and orange). Recurring colours are white, blue, gray and orange (cloudberries). The inside is a solid dark blue color with some graphic elements (logotype, storytelling and a part of the mountain pattern).

The entire box is sorted as paper packaging; no need to disassemble.

Challenging the conventional
A packaging concept where the fragile bottle/product meets you halfway, together with an exquisite design makes a box you’ll want to keep, bring as a gift or show off as an entertaining intermission during dinner.

What’s Unique?
Our idea is to create a packaging design with an interactive function that gives our consumers a unique repeatable unboxing experience.