Just Be Nice Studio

Pokrovka 2/1s2, Moscow, Russia

Design: Just Be Nice studio
Art-director: Igor Kiselev
Package designer: Anastasia Moskvina
Showbox designer: Alina Vengerskaya
Junior designer: Barbara Strelnikova
Project manager: Yana Gerasimova
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: O12 Nutrition
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Flexography

The Moscow studio Just Be Nice presents a new project, created in the framework of the long-standing collaboration with Moloko Ingredients + Foods, the / an expert in milk processing and high-protein edibles’ production.

Under the brand O12, the company has developed a new product — protein chocolate. This high-protein product is made of top-quality cacao beans, has a silky, delicate creamy flavor, and doesn’t contain sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings and colors.

О12 has produced three flavors of the chocolate: milk, milk with hazelnuts, and milk with almonds. It made the designers think of pairing each flavor with a sport, and that’s how the idea of triathlon came up. That’s how athletes taking part in multisport race ‘settled in’ on the chocolate packaging.

The task was to communicate an easy-going attitude towards sport, as the brand O12 promotes healthy foods for people leading an active lifestyle, not sport nutrition. Sport is accessible for everyone, not only professional athletes, and the illustrations catch this spirit using ‘amateur-like’ style, based on flowing lines, with the athletes wearing simple sport outfits, and the plot linking sport with pleasure.


What’s Unique?
Bright palette and color-coding used in chocolate packaging are in line with the well-established associations: purple stands for milk chocolate, orange — for milk chocolate with almonds, and green — for milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

The showbox, in which the chocolate will be demonstrated on supermarket stalls, unites three flavors, just like in triathlon that combines swimming, cycling and running. The characters on the packaging get together and onto the winning steps on the awards’ podium.