Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In April 2019

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of April 2019. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

AH More than Pasta, more than rice packaging design by dBOD

New Generation Pasta, legumes in a pasta jacket, a trend from the vegan corner, is made accessible by us for everyone who eats responsibly and consciously.

With a remarkably minimalist design, we are far away from existing category clichés. The packaging is virgin white with a light design and a striking window. In the typography we have incorporated the graceful growth of a legume plant, creating optimal synergy between illustration and typography. In this way we give the packaging an attractive playfulness that simultaneously is tight and radiates quality.

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Octopus rum packaging design concept by Pavla Chuykina

This is the octopus Billy. He has been guarding this bottle of Rum for many years. Try to take it away from him.

Sealing wax is not just the best way to protect a beverage in the bottle from air leaking into it but also it can be used to create an individual and signature look. Typically, during the waxing process, the excess wax flows down the bottle. These wax drool look very much like octopus tentacles. It needs just to emboss two eyes into the wax to complete the octopus character and by this to create an emotional and catchy brand.

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Woodye packaging design by Uprise

Eco-products popularity is growing every year. This trend can be traced not only among food products, but also everywhere on the market, including in building materials.

Coating TM Woodye – tinting liquid that gives the wood new non-inherent tone. Penetrating into the wood structure, the coating stains it, without forming a film on the surface. In other words, the texture of the tree remains visible, only the color changes.

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OBERHOFER wine packaging design manufactured by EGGER Druck + Medien

The packaging is for a wine bottle of finest spirits. The shape of the package is related to the vineyard of the winery. The unique and special thing about this package is the ultimate unboxing effect! The 3 layers of premium carton open like a folding fan. The packaging has a wooden base of dark wood. It is not a disposable Packaging, it is like a trophy for your shelf. It was produced by highest quality standards and put together by hand in Bavaria.

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Fuego Spice Co. packaging design by Robot Food

California based Fuego Spice Co. asked brand design agency Robot Food to put flavour over fire and rebrand their Zana and Riza sauces and Hot Hive Honey.

Stemming from a self-proclaimed obsession with hot sauce, the people behind Fuego Spice Co. share their love of heat through a subscription service, Fuego Box, dedicated to discovering the most tantalizing, taste bud tingling, hot pepper sauces of the world. After providing spice lovers with their monthly fix they decided to put their money where their mouth is and create their own range of flavour filled firecrackers.

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OFFBLAK tea packaging design by & SMITH

OFFBLAK, a new direct-to-consumer lifestyle tea brand delivering blends that taste as good as they make you feel, has today launched in the UK, with branding by London-based branding agency & SMITH. Looking to redefine the tea category, OFFBLAK targets Gen Z and Millennials driven by beauty, status and experience with an identity that encourages the consumer to ‘Drink tea like everybody’s watching’.

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Bees create the first-ever organic labels for honey jars using their own beeswax – Darbo honey packaging by Demner Merlicek & Bergmann

To showcase Darbo’s locally-sourced honey, we let Austrian bees create the first-ever organic labels for honey jars using their own beeswax. We developed special porcelain jars that were delivered to beekeepers in Austria. The honey jars were placed into the hives, so that the bees could create the organic labels.

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COMISURA wine packaging design by EPICA Branding & Packaging

COMISURA is the first wine that launches a new winery on the market located in the Sierra de Gredos, in the center of Spain (Bodega HUELLAS DEL TIÉTAR). The intention of the winery is to recover old and abandoned vines in the area due to their low profitability and to put them back into value by producing high quality wines. They work manually and very traditionally in scattered vineyards.

They asked EPICA Branding & Packaging to transfer this love to the labels and communicate it to the consumer. The other important idea to communicate by the winery is that their wines are for enjoyment, to share and to make the wine moments memorable.

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Brabant Whisky packaging design by Untactil

Brabant is an old way to say plow. Brabant is a Whisky bottle dedicated to farmers who make cereal growing for production a possibility.

Some of the features of the bottle are easy to understand: the stripes of a freshly carved field and the color of the soil. Others are more subtle, like the shape of the cap with a grain spike form. A complex cap which covers an inclined finish and a special bottom base making it a unique bottle. A 120 bottles limited edition.

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The Book of Seed packaging design by Jess Wooo

Modern seeds are packaged in the form of ancient agricultural books combined with coffee packaging, making planting as simple as brewing coffee. The book-like design allows you to see a page of illustrated seed details and planting methods after opening the box. Four different Chinese colors are used to represent different categories of seeds.

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