Lucozade Energy Flavours redesigned



Design: BrandMe
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: UK
Packaging Contents: Beverage

Lucozade Energy Flavours redesigned for the first time in over 8 years

For over 90 years Lucozade Energy has been the UK’s favourite energy brand. Lucozade Energy challenged BrandMe to create a contemporary pack that evolves and reinstates the iconic status, specifically for the flavours range.

The new pack design across the five flavours amplifies Lucozade Energy’s most recognised equity, the vertical logo, and reinforces Lucozade Energy’s core equities – great taste and energy. The intricate shard pattern in a burst of colour emanates out of the Lucozade arrow adding the sense of movement. The design brings a new sense of energy and relevancy to this iconic brand.

Charlotte Elder, Associate Design Director, BrandMe said:
“By stripping away the clutter of the drop shadow and making the logo white, we created consistency and navigation throughout the flavours range, which in turn helps enhance the visual recognition of the Lucozade identity on shelf, making it a beacon for the brand.”

“We know from research that consumers really like our refreshed Lucozade Energy packs and that this eye-catching new packaging will drive further interest in the range, which is already growing at 47% year on year” [1] said Bridget Hirst, Lucozade Energy Brand Manager.

The new range design includes Caribbean Crush, Wild Cherry, Brazilian, Pink Lemonade and Apple Blast, and is available now.