Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In October 2019

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of October 2019. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Jingyang Brick Tea packaging design by Langcer Lee

Three traditional Chinese colors offer three different packaging options. Line drawing techniques and tea receipts that circulated during the late Qing Dynasty are applied to the seal script design on the bottom of the brick tea. The final implementation of the packaging uses handmade rice paper as the main packaging material, and traditional Chinese woodblock printing for the inscriptions, which are all carved by hand.

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Birdman – organic protein packaging design by Tough Slate Design

To emphasize the natural origin of the ingredients, we have developed unique bird characters — they symbolize lightness and clean environment where the product was developed. Different birds mark the different protein mixes, while different feather colors mean different tastes — vanilla, chocolate, chai etc.

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Homey – Portioned Honey packaging design by Katya Mushkina

Homey is a flower honey packaging concept. The pack made from natural bee house — honeycomb, connected between each other. Each portion of Homey is clear and transparent, so you can easily notice different sorts of honey and the beauty of each. Separate package forms help to use only the desired amount of honey, so the main packaging does not granulated and does not stick.

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Raku – Craft Beer by Carla Eráusquin

RAKÚ is a beer made by a group of friends – Javi, Aldo, Johanna and Percy went out to fulfil their dream and to publicize their taste for making good craft beer.

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Natural packaging for natural products by Synthesis creative lab

For several decades, plastic has been a huge environmental concern. Since the 1950s, over 8 billion tons of plastic have been produced in the world. We eat from plastic, we drink from plastic, we use plastic everywhere. We throw away plastic. Most packaging is also made of plastic. Wherein plastic decomposition takes over 300 years averagely.

In an attempt to replace plastic, we came up with the idea of the first packaging made of a vegetable. We chose a certain species of pumpkins as a package – Lagenaria, a plant from the gourd family.

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School of Art beer by Kingdom & Sparrow

Global branding agency Kingdom & Sparrow have moved to Falmouth’s original School of Art building – and designed their own beer labels to mark the occasion.

In 1902 the School of Art offered classes in the likes of freehand drawing, printing and still-life painting, playing a key part in the beginnings of Falmouth University and the town’s rich creative culture. Nowadays this 10-strong team are giving it a new lease of life, merging traditional art techniques with modern design to craft food & drink brands worldwide.

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Human – Responsible Craft by LINEA – The Spirit Valley Designers

We created « HUMAN », a new collection with the desire to explore new uses of craft paper. To do this, we tested dozens of processes before to be able to turn local know-how derived from craftsmanship into industry applications.

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Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Scottish Mackerel by BrandMe

This is a fun and playful design, yet still carries the quality cues associated with the Taste The Difference thanks to the detailed illustration and provenance cues. The unexpected approach makes it a successful design as it incorporates the brand values whilst enabling on-shelf stand out.

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Saints & Sinners wine packaging design by Stranger & Stranger

Restraint or indulgence, the devil on one shoulder or the angel on the other. It’s a difficult balance.

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Bettea packaging design by Alice Macarova

Bettea is a concept for premium tea package. The main focus was on a combination of monoline illustration and digital 3D foiling. Nowadays the possibilities of digital printing is really high. This printing technology produces brilliant foil effects and gives you an opportunity to realise your concept in a short time without many copies. Monoline patterns with personal symbols and unique story tell us about each type of tea. Also, I want to show one of the way of usage silver, gold and holographic textures in package design. These textures create a beautiful play of light and shadows. It was a great pleasure to work with these materials.

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