Design: Gauri G
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, recycleable plastic, tin, paper

“The Nue essentials” a lifestyle brand that focuses on the product quality. ‘Nue’ in French means ‘bare,’ hence ‘the bare essentials.’ This brand sells basic but high quality, clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. The brand language consists of earthy, muted, and neutral colors of their products. The brand sells ecofriendly products that can be reused and recycled with no environmental footprint.

The process of using this product would involve-

  1. One would first buy the pump bottle with the lotion in a refill form.
  2. After the first one gets over one would remove the empty refill container from the pump bottle.
  3. The person can buy another refill container of the same type of lotion or even different, but same quantity.
  4. The pump bottle can also be repurposed.
  5. This process ensures that no part of the product or packaging causes harm to the enviromnent. The packaging is carefully designed taking in regard the brand mission and the customer needs.

What’s Unique?
All parts of this packaging are reusable or recycleable. The packaging has zero environmental footprint. It is the perfect amalgamation of nature and luxury.