Design: Felippe Cavalcanti
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Braveman Leather Goods
Product Launch Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Organiser
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, Leather, Duplex paper, Aged Metal
Printing Process: Offset print with Gold Foil Stamping, Leather stamped

Produced in collaboration with two local companies: Braveman & Lab Chama to bring the quality of a refined organizer, the table tray is totally made by hand as a unique piece to their customers. Made with Teak wood and screwed many times with different types of sandpapers, this piece has the elegance of classical lettering stamped on its leather combined with its sophisticated shape. Useful and practical to put everything together and even more, space to charge your smartphone, the table tray is a good gift for anyone who likes an original decoration.

The Challenge was to create a good identity following other products from Braveman, but be original and step up from all the competitors. This project was released as a prototype in 2017 and came back in 2020 with a complete identity. Even being a limited and numbered edition, half of their products were sold on pre-order.

What’s Unique?
The lettering made all by hand, to be stamped on the leather and stand out the qualities of the product. Lettering card Numbered for each customer and specially made by hand, with ornaments and layout that remains Victorian (19th) company Ads; Foil stamping printed on the card to increase the elegance and present as a premium and unique product. Custom Victorian Monogram designed to show the two companies whose work on this product, the monogram was used not only on the print but digitally to present the product. A custom-aged metal plate showing brand from the companies.