Black Rock Imperial Stout – Craft beer with AR power

Derrick Lin


Agency: OHKO Champions
CD, Design, Animation: Kevin Benishek
AR Application: Hera Kang
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Produced
Client: Magpie Brewing Co.
Product Launch Location: Asia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can

We set out to give Magpie Brewing Co.’s Black Rock, a darker, more ominous life…with AR capabilities. The goal was to create something more playful and mysterious that customers could interact with inside the brew shops and bars around Korea – We figured that nothing says dark, ominous rocks like like sci-fi landscape. So along with the new design, we created an AR animated poster, “Birth of Black Rock” to accompany the beer on location at Magpie shops and also in restaurants and bars around the peninsula.

The project was created in multiple phases. Since we needed to create a usable label, poster and animation from the same piece of work, I designed and developed a mini sci-fi landscape using 3D applications that could be used across all deliverables.

Using in world cameras, I took images of both the landscape and asteroids at different angles and key points that captured the vibe we wanted. From here, adding text elements, production, etc. The next phase was creating a short animation that matched the can design.The tricky part was keeping the animation light enough that it wouldn’t struggle on mobile applications, but still long enough to have a fun experience. If you’re in Asia, you can try it out in person. If not, you can always scan the poster online to try it out.


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