Grain Café

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Design: Rafael Martins
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Laminated Pouch
Printing Process: Digital printing

This packaging project was developed to complete the packaging design course. For this project it was necessary to develop a gourmet coffee package with two flavors, intense and bourbon.

Brand History:
Grain Café was born from the passion of Diego Fontalis, a young Peruvian who has lived in Brazil for over 20 years. Fascinated by his home country, Diego wants to add some of peruvian culture to his newest venture. He is investing heavily in this new work and, thanks to his excellent contacts, intends to introduce it in large supermarket chains throughout Brazil, and maybe one day, export to all Latin America.

Where will you market?
E-commerce of the brand and supermarkets in Brazil.

Target audience:
All genres. Class A and B (Gourmet Coffee with added value)

Consumption habits are:
People who enjoy good coffee and usually allow time for their days make their coffees in the best shape and at the right temperature. the coffee has two flavors, intense and bourbon.

What does the customer like?

  • Want to bring some of the mountains of Peru to the packaging;
  • Likes applications with few colors, something more balanced;
  • He loves the packaging of Starbucks and Three Hearts coffees.
  • After the briefing it became very clear and the customer’s intention to bring some of the culture of their home country to the coffee packaging.
  • The solution was to develop a label using illustration that refer to the Peruvian mountains and with a cleaner design, but fully functional and with few colors.

In the colors were used three pantone tones to preserve fidelity, for the intense flavor we used Pantone Black 4C and the Pantone 7626 more intense, warmer, already for the Bourbon flavor besides pantone Black 4C, the Pantone 460 C softer was used.

The Result is a modern and well-finished packaging, designed exactly for your audience. I really hope you enjoy the project and I am willing to clarify what question about it, thank you very much.