Baby-Vac aspirator accessories

Derrick Lin


Agency: ODB
Marketer, designer: Lena Shvarova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Baby-Vac
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Aspirator accessories
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Silkscreen

Baby-Trade company producing goods for children and parents. We have created positioning and packaging design for a series of their new product – accessories for the Baby-Vac vacuum aspirator. In the design was important to reflect functionality, ease of use and show the product itself. The design of the series was performed in a laconic color scheme, while retaining the recognition and belonging to the main brand Baby-Vac. The outline illustrations on the packaging show the contents of the set and allow you to evaluate the contents of the packaging before purchase.

The main motive for creating a series of accessories was the need for parents to use an aspirator not only at home, when there is access to the vacuum cleaner, from which the vacuum device works, but also when traveling, at hotel, or on a visit and anywhere else. This is how the Travel Set appeared. It let you travel easy and not be afraid of a sudden runny nose in your child. The mouthpiece easily makes the aspirator more mobile, and the flexible adapter allows you to connect the aspirator to any of the existing vacuum cleaners. To easy cleaning of the aspirator, the Clean Set has been created. It consists of a cleaning brush and replaceable nozzles, which ensures comfortable use of the device by several family members at once.

What’s Unique?
The zip-pack turned out to be the optimal packaging format, which later allows you to conveniently keep and take with you on the road the entire set – aspirator, replaceable nozzles, adapter and a brush for cleaning. So people will not throw away the packaging after opening, but will be able to use it for convenient keeping of the aspirator and accessories.