Designer: Aya Magdy, Ahmed Algendi
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: IKEO
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Ice Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal
Printing Process: Digital printing

The steps of the project are directed towards the youth category, the most vibrant, exciting and vital influence among the different age groups, where the compass culminated in us to go to Juba to the beaches of Italy, where there is vitality and excitement, and from where the first brand ice coffee was established especially on the beaches of Italy, specifically the summer, and from here we unleashed our colors in the sky ” As for the play side, we took the compass that directed the beloved cartoon characters in a special and new direction, represented ، by the small characters in the family (the ikeo – family) and then also the big characters, such as the character inspired by the mouse chef movie (Linguini) and also the character (Jimmy Neutron), but more The girls’ characters are also inspired by the Five Witches, and the inspiration pattern .