Located in the heart of Budapest, Fleur de lin is a slow cosmetics with a unique beauty philosophy that offers conscious and sustainable solutions for everyday skincare. In addition to cosmetic services, it produces self-developed cosmetic products. The brand works exclusively with organically sourced natural ingredients, free from SLS, petroleum derivative, silicone and preservative. It’s both vegan and cruelty-free. All products are handmade.Fleur de lin takes a zero-waste approach, as products are shelved in recyclable glass or paper packaging.

For the brand’s fifth anniversary, it has been given a new design, with warm colours and delicate, soft lines and ligatures to represent elegance, beauty and self-care. Their main products are solid shampoo and solid conditioner. By combining these two products, we have created a limited-edition package called the Natural Hair Care Set. The aim was to create a charming and elegant package that the customer can surprise someone, or themselves, with. An important aspect was to make the unboxing experience a pleasure for the customer.

A step-by-step user guide was placed on the back of the box, as the use of solid shampoos is less common than the liquid version.


Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary
Designer: Abigél Császár
Tutor: Judit Tóth
Tutor: Eszter Szőcs
Corvin Art School