CRISP Prefabricated Dishes

LionPeng Design Studio


CRISP Luxury Family Banquet Flavor Packaging is a brand under CRISP Family Catering Group Co., Ltd. It is a global delicacy developed and launched by Kuri Family in collaboration with global chefs. This series covers four dishes, including France, Italy, Peru, and the United Kingdom. It is produced through cold chain preservation and transportation, using rapid freezing and freshness locking technology to taste the original taste of food, allowing consumers to taste the craftsmanship of world famous chefs at home.

The flavor packaging of this CRISP Family Banquet is divided into Vanilla Tata, Flavored Roast Chicken, Seafood Pasta, and Tomahawk Lamb Chop. Firstly, we focused on shaping the brand graphics of the Kuri family, ensuring high recognition while maintaining an international brand aesthetic, making its terminal display more intense. The integration of vertical text further strengthens the product’s selling points and establishes the beauty of Chinese white space in information hierarchy transmission. Surrounded by an English layout, it expresses the intention of global culinary content and adds an elegant and exquisite sense of high-end cuisine to the packaging, ultimately making it both a sense of bulk and innovative scale. To make the communication of “food” more direct, while also providing a better foundation for future brand product extensions.

The packaging uses aluminum foil tableware, which enhances both functionality and experience, bringing deep thinking about the “eating” scene; The brand packaging is unified with a waistband, combining quality and a sense of array, thus establishing the brand tone. Each product has an independent personality in color matching, making it easy to identify individual items. When it comes to eating, food has gone from initially “solving basic needs” to satisfying “high-end diners”, and has become a need for selection, quality, and recommendations from renowned chefs. At the same time, people in the urban Z era are becoming more and more homesick, and “eating alone” has become an increasingly popular way of eating. The upgrading of consumption has led more consumers to be picky about their diet, advocating for “pursuing better life enjoyment”. As a result, the taste of CRISP luxury family banquets has emerged.


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