Belarus Minsk

Creative director: Arman Auzhanov
Location: Belarus / Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Eurotorg LLC
Product Launch Location: Belarus
Packaging Contents: Beer

The agency ARMBRAND has redesigned «Hmelnov»® beer Privat Label (LLC Eurotorg).

The new image has been designed for one of the leading positions keeping a massive part of the Belarussian market.

Hmelnov beer price is best in stores while its taste characteristics are not inferior the main competitors in its price segment, so the main designer’s task was to increase the perceived quality and outstanding on the shelf.

The unique TM is easy to read, the asymmetry adds dynamics and positivity. It is supported by the memorable sign “X” (first letter of Russian name), which also means high product quality. Hops and barley ears symbolize the ingredients. The green color of TM is associated with the naturalness and color of hops.

As the main composite element, it was chosen a circle. This shape has been used as the base of many successful world brands, but in the current competitive environment, it is used for the first time. The simplicity and harmony of the general solution match the modern trends.

Inside a product line, there are used understandable associative contrast color coding and beer cap-shaped small pictograms.

As a result, there’s a whole consistent image continuing the previous and recognizable, that at the same time is more clear, friendly and noticeable.