Dlecta Mozzarella Cheese


Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

We took a dynamic and clutter-breaking approach towards revamping the packaging for the much-loved D’lecta mozzarella.

Our main vision was to make it stand out on the shelves amongst the variety of cheese products available in the freezer section when someone visits a supermarket. Hence, we used a vibrant blend of the color red and blue to establish a clutter-breaking design while showcasing the crux of the product i.e. its use cases. We kept the typefaces bold so that it builds a unique and prominent connection with our audience.

To further strengthen the main USP of the product that it’s 100% mozzarella for making authentic pizzas, we used doodles of pizza and cheese to elicit exuberant cravings and make a strong brand recall that stays on top of consumers’ minds.