Designed by Anagrama, Mexico.

Al Fresco is a gelato and bistro establishment. Hand crafted ice cream and detailed attention in your food preparation from pizzas elaborated in a wood oven to paninis and sandwiches with the finest ingredients. High quality products at affordable prices in a kind and family oriented place.

Our work consisted in interpreting the company business plan, transmitting the message of a committed to deliver excellent quality foods brand maintaining affordable prices. To communicate the established values, a hand-crafted illustration language was developed. This language was based on light laid traces achieving value accentuation on the kindness of the brand. The aesthetic counterpoint of elegant tones, sepia and golden colors was manipulated to help and allow the quality inherent to the foods to stand out.

It was very important to allow the brand to have a sufficiently elastic language to expand it to other areas. Even though the restaurant has not been open for a long time, it has become a reference for other gelato establishments around the city.