Coffee :Dance!

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Derrick Lin


Designed by iQonic, Russia.

Brief: Develop the name, logo and packaging design for a new coffee brand for the medium price range. The target market of this product are young (18-35 years of old), dynamic men and women, who follow trends and live in big cities and towns. They are positive, know what they want from their lives, they like to try everything new and love “to be on the topic”.

Concept: In order to create a bright product that draws the attention of a customer, the designers of iQonic developed a key visual brand of «Coffee :Dance». On a colourful and brightly illustrated background there is a hovering, as if dancing in the air, coffee cup and a saucer.

The logo has been created to emphasise the positive feeling and the brightness of the packaging with the wide smile of the letter “D” and the bold and rhythmical tapping of the letter “A”.