Society for Rational Dress



Designed by Duffy & Partners, United States.

Internationally recognized design and branding firm, Duffy & Partners, has paired with fashion label Society for Rational Dress to create a revitalized logo design, garment tags, lookbook creation and stationary.

Creating a timeless design that survives seasons, collections and generations, Duffy & Partners created a balance of opposites in materials, styling and logo expression. Duffy created a “signature” solution to celebrate designer Corinne Grassini, Founder and Designer, Society for Rational Dress. Developing a brand architecture system, Duffy’s conception is inspired by Corrine’s fluid approach to detail and design and her extension into lifestyle offerings such as home furnishings, accessories, eyewear and more.

“The range of natural textures and materials combine in unexpected ways. The shapes pay homage to the female form and draping, a signature of the SFRD line.”
– Missy Wilson Senior Designer, Duffy & Partners

A signature style created to survive long beyond the next season, Duffy considered finish, texture and material in every sense of the Society for Rational Dress brand.