Hotel Chocolat (Student Work)



Designed by Lun Yau, United Kingdom.

Reinterpret a Category. Choose a brand, product or service and redesign it in a breakthough way.

Hotel Chocolat’s packaging looks typical to their competitors, high-end chocolate distrubutors. Hotel Chocolat’s sophisticated look masks some of their values; being ethical and customer-friendly. The aim is to redesign Hotel Chocolat to better define their values and to keep the sophistication.

The packaging is based on the theme of a hotel. Each package has different windows and colours help differentiate the products which also breaks away from the typical sophisticated black and white packaging.

The logo is inspired by chocolate decorations hand made by chocolatiers. The logo represents a mark created by Hotel Chocolat’s very own chocolatiers. The logo is also a representation of a door, exspecially when combined with the windows.