The Body Shop (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Lun Yau, United Kingdom.

Design a contemporary range of packaging for The Body Shop that unites their brand values with the premium nature of the products.

The Body Shop package design has broken the mould from mainstream cosmetic shops and has become more eco-friendly than ever. The combination of the package and label design makes the products appealing to a wider range of age groups.

The sophisticated triangular shape inspired by the recycle logo, allows the products to become as compact as possible, the tessellation results in less packaging and therefore, reducing transportation miles. The indulging colours and the hand drawn type combine to make it eye candy on the shelves of The Body Shop stores.A subtle hand drawn typeface was made specifically for this label giving the overall design a more personal and natural, organic feel. Not only does the tessellation of the package design allow the products to be compact it also creates interesting patterns, showing a youthful side of the products and staying away from the corporate cosmetic shop look. Alongside the tessellation feature the package design is also stackable, with the colour combination when stacked makes the products more exciting and playful.