Derrick Lin


Designed by Danbi Yu, South Korea.

HOYA-Japanese restaurant, take away, redesign.

This is a redesign project from my university. HOYA is a famous Japanese restaurant near some universities in Seoul, Korea. Most customers are university students, but the design of the restaurant is quite old, and it doesn’t look good, so I redesigned it. I tried to make it simple with colourful patterns which don’t usually remind people of Japanese patterns. This was because I wanted to make the different design from common Japanese restaurant designs that people can easily find around them. I used various colours for young people, and the motive of the pattern is a pattern of salmon(I just simplified it).

Additionally, the design is environmentally-friendly. I used Eco papers and minimized the use of glue for the environment. I made holes on the carrier bag as you can see, and they can save space for packing foods as well. Besides, because of those holes, a lot of papers that were used to make the bags can be saved, and a shape of the bag looks very unique. Furthermore, when you finish eating, you can reuse the packages as a pencil box or storage space.

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