Chiaro Skincare (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Nolan Marketti, United States.

This packaging embodies sophistication and simplicity. It creates a one of-a-kind luxurious product for the perfect man that is timeless and modern. It’s enclosed in a clear acrylic cube to evoke the name of Chiaro (clear in Italian). The base inside the clear cube is magnetic, and is used to hold the product tins in place.

Colors reflect its culture background and ingredients. The orange, is symbolic for the “Bergamot Orange” which comes from Italy and is used as an ingredient for acne control. Blue represents mint, and aloe. The blue is meant solely for skin hydration and the shaving aspect of the line, while orange is for acne control. It’s number system ranges from 2, 4 and 6. Two being for dry skin, four for any skin, and six for oily skin.

The logo was inspired from the cube concept and reflects a “C”, as well as using the negative space to create a three dimensional cube.

This product was designed with sustainability in mind, and serves as beautiful home décor, for storing various household items.