Korea Traditional Accesary Package Design (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Nayeon Gu, South Korea.

The old meets the new..

As the foreign visitors to Korea are remarkably increasing nowadays, this box package is made for them as one of many ways to learn about Korean culture. It is composed of fashion items among all other beautiful traditional accessories in Korea and each box is specifically designed for each item.

To introduce them our language along with our culture, names of the items are spelled in English as they are pronounced in Korean and stories about each item are told on the back of the boxes.
When traditional accessories meet a new way of presenting themselves with these boxes, it gives a better understanding to the foreigners and also adds zest to the items.

  1. Thank you for your advice for me. 🙂 but my first language is not english so can you explain about your think again ? I am confuse what are you talking about that. I am glad to you recomend my work.

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Derrick Lin

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