Nestor Dried Fruits

Derrick Lin


Designed by Murray Brand Communications, United States.

Seeking a packaging design for its new line of dried fruits to be sold in Asia, Nestor partnered with Murray Brand Communications to develop a packaging architecture supportive of a high quality, no additives, North American-produced positioning. To accomplish this and brand block against competing offerings, Murray Brand’s design team employed a less-is-more visual approach that combined compelling fruit imagery with vibrant background and label colors to convey each SKU’s delicious and intense flavor profile. This design strategy was carried a step farther as packaging copy was reduced to a bare minimum so a clean and uncluttered layout was able to serve as a visual metaphor for all natural and no additives. As a result, shopper are able to quickly distinguish between SKUs and copy clutter that frequently distracts buyers during the decision process is all but eliminated.