Cowberry Crossing Farm (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Emily Zirimis, United States.

I was assigned to design a sustainable package that is meant to house four duck eggs that come from Cowberry Crossing Farm – a biodymanic farm established in upstate Claverack, New York.

In regard to the farm’s logo – I was inspired by the farm’s biodynamic methodology. Biodynamic agriculture is based on astronomy and on the alignment of planets which dictate the ideal crop times throughout the year. And so with that said, my logo is inspired by circular astrological calendars. I added overlapping lines to give the logo a more earthy and farm-like apeal.

As for the package itself – it is made from one piece of standard chipboard, uses no adhesive and has only one-sided stamp printing. It is held together using a tab system, and there are individual tabs to hold each of the four eggs in place, as well. This is an easily assembled package designed for a farmer to quickly assemble and hand out eggs at a farmer’s market. The weakest part of the egg (the center) is safe for transport from market to home.

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