Frizze by Grupo Berro

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Grupo Berro
Designer: Gonzalo Berro
Client: Frizzé, Grupo Peñaflor
Country: Argentina

Frizzé, the top brand in sparkling wine for nightlife in Argentina, asked Grupo Berro to redesign its packaging. The challenge lied in doing so without altering its very successful core DNA.

We came up with an innovative redesign that fills the eye. Gonzalo Berro, director of Grupo Berro, tells explains the process. “The real effort of re-designing a product recognized -for its taste, quality, distribution and communication-, lies not so much in being a leader, or reach the top, but stay on top”. The result of the work is fulfilling: we developed a unique bottle, with
strong character, and applied clear labels that allowed the design to look more unified and enveloping.