.zip – sublimated forcemeat (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Ksenia Vitkova
School: BHSAD (British Higher School of Art and Design), Moscow
Country: Russia

The food for tourists, especially for mountain climers should be very well balanced not only in nutrition facts, but also in the way its packed. Sublimated forcemeat is a good alternative for spicy jerkies and meat cans. It is a high-protein moderate tasted product that is almost weightless. And weight in hikes is a very importatnt criteria. The coefficient of meat weight loss through sublimation is about 4 – 4,5. So 1 kg of sublimated forcemeat equals almost 5 kg of fresh meat.

The name came out from the idea of the highly concentrated nature of the product. Zip – is a compression format, which allows to de-archive the product without data loss.

The product goes in 3 flavors: chicken, beef and pork. The SKU might be extended with carbohydrate sublimated ingridients as berries, fruits and vegetables. The hicker can make his own set of suitable snacks, as the bottles can be attached to each other making a pyramid. The package also marks the calorie content and this information is readable in darkness due to special color coating.

Eco-frienliness is also important to the hicker equipment. So the package is made of non-toxic plastic and goes in different sizes. Big bottles might be used for refilling smaller ones easily, as they have different diameter of necks.

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