Napoleon & the Cistercian Monks – Gelber Orleans

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: brandfield*
Designer: David Brinkmann
Client: Weingut Abthof
Country: Germany
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

The wine:
The wine of Napoleon and the Cistercian Monks. This historical, almost extinct grape variety, grows again in the same place, as it once had with the Cistercian monks. That is exactly where Emperor Napoleon got to know it and love it as well. Here is where for well over 200 years ago, Napoleon moved his quarters. Back in the 13th century the Cistercian monks had recognized the potential of this special soil.

The design:
What makes this label design special is that the setup is different and not in the standard “centered fashion” most wine labels are nowadays. The eye is lead between Napoleon’s embossed signature, and the wine variety directly focussing on Napoleon himself. Napoleon is a touch darker to make him stand out a bit more than the rest of the illustration.

A great project with history.