10 Projects You Shouldn’t Miss In July

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World puts together some of the most interesting packaging projects for the month of July for you!

The Paper Skin – Leica X2 Edition Fedrigoni

The Leica X2 Edition “Fedrigoni” has been produced as a limited series of 25 cameras. It is the first Leica camera clad in a “paper skin” and wrapped in 15 quality designer papers.

Trident Gum (Concept)

Trident Xtra Care is a chewing sugar-free gum that helps protect teeth and gums in between meals and gives a whiter brighter smile. Hani Douaji created a new playful and interactive packaging which enhance the main feature of the product “Protecting Teeth”.

Gbox Studios

Gbox Studios aim is to create a full service offering clients the highest quality of work with a comprehensive understanding of modern production, their services include advertising, products, automotive, portraits, beauty, editorial photography and video production. Gbox is based in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam.

Schweppes 230 Years (Concept)

Schweppes celebrates their 230 years. French Toast designed three bottles & cans, as limited edition. This is a design case study and in no way intented to harm any rights nor officially related to this or any other brand.

Diablo Hot Sauce

The creation of the design of this line was inspired by the image of an angry bull, which breathes hot air from his nostrils. The range has its own kind of sauce hot pepper. The label we used is a stylized image of the peppers as the bull’s horns and scale-meter that shows how much of the steam from the nostrils informing those who try this sauce about the level of spiciness.

Unruly Vodka and Unruly Gin
Wayward Distillation House is the only distillery in Canada using honey as the base material for their spirits, rather than the more traditional options like barley, potatoes or corn. Their packaging needed to emphasize this without appearing as though the products taste like honey (because they don’t).

Vita Premium Juices
By order of JSC «Orhei-Vit». (Moldova), the agency DSG CREATIVE DESIGN PRODUCTION has worked on updating the look of the line of juices and nectars, an industry leader juice and baby food in Moldova. Geography of sales is high – more than 25 countries: Romania, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, United States, Iraq, Israel, Canada, Mongolia, Poland, Hungary, the Baltic Countries, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, etc.

A lizard sticking out from american aloe leaves, a butterfly resting on a vine leaf and a wine enthusiastic rabbit controlling the aging of wine.

7-Eleven Updates Coffee Concept For The Swedish Mar­ket
7-Eleven decided to update their cof­fee con­cept for the Swedish mar­ket and empha­size a smart and con­ve­nient brand expe­ri­ence. The iconic stripes is the take-off point of our design. Mod­ern and clear branding.

Steel and Oak Brewing Co.
Steel and Oak Brewing Co symbolizes the modernness of today while paying homage to the craftsmanship of years long past. A bright young voice in New Westminster’s storied past, Steel and Oak is bringing a refreshed perspective and vibrant energy to the craft beer scene.

  1. Weight – get stronger.
    Fragile – don't be a hippo.
    Unsafe – if you didn't break glass by avoiding being a hippo, you're safe.
    Plus glass containers don't become gross when you store tomato sauce or curry in them, because they don't absorb it.
    Recycling issues? Pinterest it. Glass looks less trashy than plastic when used like that.
    Ever did a taste test of Coke in a plastic bottle and Coke in a glass bottle? Everyone agrees that Coke in a glass bottle tastes much, much better…

  2. Glass is more environmentally responsible. When recycling glass, 100% of that product is endlessly recycle into another glass container. Plastic degrades and must be recycled into something else. There is a time and a place for both materials, but glass never changes the taste of the product like plastic and aluminum. I agree with the other comment, Coca Cola does taste better in glass. #glassislife

  3. Seriously? How biased can you get.

    1. You have only given disadvantages of glass. Where are the advantages?
    3. You have only given advantages of plastic. Where are the disadvantages?

    Oh, of course. You work for a plastics packaging company.

    And if you are going to claim figures, like recycling figures, please quote your source.

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