Aus Baus bus medaus Honey (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Gabija Platukyte
Lecturer, proffessor: V. Trakimavicius
Project Type: Student Project
School: Vilnius academy of art, Kaunas faculty
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Packaging Materials: Paper, glass bottles

Manufacturers didn’t have a name or approved packaging. So first of all, the project started with finding the proper naming for the client. Aus Baus bus medaus – is a saying from an old Lithuanian numeration every Lithuanian knows, about honey. It was so well known, but no one really used it, and when you repeat it, it’s there in your mind. So the naming really fulfilled clients need.

The main inspiration for this project was bee itself, insect bringing honey and biologically interesting creature. They have two main colours, so I kept it by using black and white, black and natural brown, both for print and paper. I also tried to keep warm feeling of the whole project, because honey is quite a personal product, not everyone likes it.

There are three different size of packaging: small (90 g.), middle representative (480 g.) and big (1200 g.). There are also three kinds of different products: honey (spring; summer or forest); honey with supplements (with bee bread; ginger or walnuts) and bee wax candle. They are differed by the number of stripes – honey has 4, honey with supplements – 3 and candles – 2. Also, small and middle size representative paper packaging are differed by colour.

In the logo you can see a bee hive with real proportions from manufacturers fields. Also, colours used – only two, not going far from the inspiration. There is also specially accented first part of the saying, because each Lithuanian knows the ending so it could be guessed.

Identity elements: logo, business card, form paper, stickers, notebook, pencil, magnet, catalogue of all the products and its packaging, small and middle size paper packaging, stickers for small, middle and big size packaging, linen shopping bag and main poster.