Wenger Swiss Utility Skin Care Set (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Josef Leo Barroso Sueno
Project Type: Student Project
School: Orita Sinclair School of Design, New Media & the Arts
Course: Design Communication
Tutor: Hui Shan Ng
Location: Singapore
Packaging Contents: Facial Wash, Moisturiser, Shaving Gel
Packaging Materials: Paper, Plastic, Glass

Wenger Swiss Utility Skin Care Set for Men

The Project brief was to select one existing brand that didn’t have a skin care or chocolate line. We will then interpret and develop a line that we chose, maintain its brand equity and translate it into a different ranges (e.g. masks, body lotion, moisturiser for skin care) with the packaging design appropriate for the brand image and product qualities.

Inspired from the makers of the genuine Swiss Army Knives, comes an innovative and functional skin care packaging concept catered for the modern man. This cutting edge design boasts an all-in-one feature of the skin care essentials that emulates the mechanism of a utilitarian pocket knife.

Pocket knives have always been known to be practical and useful. Wenger, as well as its holding company, Victorinox embodies the swiss values to both their design philosophy and brand image. Being able to integrate these to the packaging concept with precision and accuracy gives this packaging design an entitlement to be awarded a Singapore Packaging Star.

The packaging holds 3 essential skin care products (Facial Wash, Shaving Gel, Moisturiser) that is being held by one single box that is compact and sturdy, always ready and on the go for travel. The product name, Utility, was chosen because it defines the necessity of a modern man, giving forth an idea of a tool with appropriate function and reflecting efficiency and convenience.

What’s Unique?
More than just a box that protects and contains the products themselves, the packaging reinforces the identity and values of the brand as its design is emulated from the mechanism of a Swiss army knife. Furthermore, all three products are held in one single package, which offers efficiency and convenience.

The idea of this packaging is unique and stands out in a sense that it epitomizes both form (sleek, style) and function which is definitely what the target market is looking for.

Major Claims of the Packaging Design
The major claims of this packaging will be subdivided into the four swiss values that Wenger & Victorinox uphold:

The ingenious and clever design of the product was inspired from the mechanism of a swiss army knife. Its idea is to open up the compartments of the packaging the way you do with the functional pocket knife.

The packaging was designed to hold the 3 bottles nicely and properly.

The box was created to mirror the functionality of the swiss pocket knife which features an all-in-one mechanism of the products instead of the usual display of a skin care set.

310 gsm thick silver foil was used and was matt laminated to make it waterproof, and the stickers are matt polymer which makes it waterproof as well. The materials used were of great quality to maintain stability to hold the products.