TYPO San Francisco::Rhythm (Student Project)



Designer: Mitul Iyengar
Location: Chicago, USA
Project Type: Student Project
School: School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Packaging contents: Three fold-out pamphlets containing event information, list of speakers, and a registration form; DIY business card holder with attached fold-out conference schedule
Packaging materials: Laser printing on French Paper, Vinyl sticker

TYPO is an annual typography design conference. The theme of the 2015 conference held in San Francisco is “Rhythm”, which invites attendees to explore the cadence of the creative process, the underlying tempo of inspiration, and the beats of the design experience. The package is a self-mailer brochure sent out to all conference attendees.It contains 3 pamphlets with event information, a list of speakers, and a registration form.

What’s Unique:
This brochure integrates the established TYPO talks logo into it’s design as the element that encloses the package. As this conference is also a place for people to network, the package includes a business card holder with an attached schedule on the inside, so that attendees only need to carry that to the event with their own business cards and space to collect other people’s cards too. The packages are produced in 4 colors (CMYK) and distributed randomly among the attendees.