Product Design: Filipa Ferreira and Sílvia Couto
Packaging, Graphic Design and Photography: Filipa Ferreira
Concept and Business Idea: Ana Costa e Silva (teacher), Sílvia Couto (architect) , Filipe Pedrosa (biologist) e Filipa Ferreira (designer)
Packaging Content: Home gardening kit
Location: Portugal

VERD&ÁGUA It’s a new brand that pretends to create a innovative relationship between design and nature. This is the first product of this brand – a collectible edition of 5 pots & 5 succulents. Selling in a card box with all the ingredients to maintain this specific ornamental plant, with its unusual shape in good health at your own home. An unique porcelain pot, designed and handmade in Portugal, was developed to put them in two different positions.

Inside this package you will nd a sustainable combination of Design & Nature: An unique porcelain pot, designed and handmade in Portugal & an ornamental plant – a succulent, with its unusual shape and easy maintenance.

Materials: Expanded clay & special succulent potting mix geotextile fabric &1 succulent factsheet This package was produced with 100% recycled cardboard and can be recycled again. This project won the prize of “best business idea” at Startup Pirates Edition Oporto, 2012.