Agency: Design Activity
Design Director: Mark Stubbington
Account Director: Kate Kew
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Aroma Food Group
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Loose tea
Packaging Materials: Tin, paper

Suchef is a new fast food restaurant offering fresh and gourmet lunchtime food. They have 6 unusual and sought-after delicate tasting blends of tea on the menu and wanted to sell these as loose tea in tins.

Design Activity created a premium and stylish range of packaging highlighting the different flavours and provenance of the tea blends. The brief was to ultimately to design a set of must-have tins to keep and display at home.

The result is a beautiful set of designs using a palette of bright pastel colours and different shaped tea pots to differentiate the variants. The background pattern adds a level of complexity picking up on the tea leaf and ingredients used to make each tea. Four colour print and a simple paper stock allowed a reduction in cost for Suchef, essential due to the limited production runs.

What’s Unique?
Small batch hand cut labels with limited print runs for each flavour variant.