Obrist Winery – Près Roc

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Cheeeeese!
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Obrist Winery
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Packaging Contents: Wine, wine bottle, label

Obrist is a swiss wine merchant since 1854, who grew into a wine maker in one of the most renowned winegrowing region of Switzerland. Nowadays Obrist is a key player as a trader and as a producer in the country. Considering themselves as real craftsmans, they are commited to the respect of the terroirs and traditions, defining wine as a result of an intimistic relationship between men and nature.

Obrist hired Cheeeeese (Switzerland) to work on the visual identity of various product ranges, notably on labels design. Our team succeeded in putting forward the values of history, heritage and authenticity through their designs.

The Près Roc label was to be updated in order to give the bottle a more trendy look while keeping its timeless elegance. We wanted to elevate the design of the bottle and making it more impactful.